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SaaSLicense SaaS Platform Features

SaaSLicense is equipped with features that support every stage of your SaaS License Management process to help you plan, track, budget, and report.
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Explore SaaSLicense Application Features to Manage your SaaS Licensing

Maximize your SaaS investment, as well as manage all corporate software applications from one single platform. Put an end to inefficiencies with the on-boarding and off-boarding of employees.   Organizations can directly connect all SaaS applications through our secure API integration connections.  Companies can now gain valuable insights on SaaS spend and licensed users.  Eliminate spend on duplicate applications and reduce SaaS expenditures  by managing under utilized SaaS licensing.  LEARN MORE

There is now one platform for complete life cycle management of your SaaS contracts. Enter start dates and and end dates and never be late on a renewal.  Conduct  compliance audits on your SaaS applications, when adding a contract and perform a risk assessment, and tag each contract with appropriate tagging for enterprise reporting.  Manage application owners and create approval workflows. Easily upload or connect important SaaS contract documents for easy reference.  Create custom fields and report on exactly what data your organization needs.  LEARN MORE

Automate your software renewal process with SaaSLicense.  Procurement professionals can now visually see a systematic sequence of when applications need to be renewed.  Never get caught in a contract you realize you don’t want to be in and proactively act on out-clauses.  Create renewal workflows and receive alerts when SaaS contracts are expiring.  Collaborate with application owners and implement an approval process to only purchase what is necessary and, as a result, reduce on wasted SaaS licensing.  LEARN MORE

Traditional spreadsheet-based budgeting and forecasting has numerous limitations and is often prone to error.  Not having the full picture, when putting together SaaS budgets due to Shadow IT or departmental silos, creates unexpected SaaS cost.  Forecast using SaaSLicense analytics and reporting to gather necessary data to accurately manage your SaaS budgets.  Utilize our predictive analytics to predict growth with precision.  LEARN MORE

Relying on SaaS applications to store your data can help drive your company’s efficiency, but it can also open you up to new risks. To help you comply with ever-changing privacy and data regulations and help protect your sensitive information, SaaSLicense tags applications to verify that your data is handled properly. It also ensures that you have access to the information you will need in case a security breach occurs.  Most importantly, you will have confidence now that your personal liability is limited. LEARN MORE


SaaSLicense was built to provide the customer with the visibility and tools to be able to make decisions, drive collaborative conversations and drive budget decisions.  Easily create a PDF or Excel report and never wait on a report. If SaaSLicense does not provide the out-of-the-box report you need,  you can simply create a custom report.  READ MORE

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