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SaaS Renewal Management Platform for Software Licensing

Utilize an enterprise SaaS License Renewal Management Platform to proactively manage software license subscriptions renewals. You can do this with alerting, reporting and analytics for negotiating and optimizing licensing with software vendors.

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Effectively Control and Organize Your
SaaS Renewal Management Process from Start to Finish

A SaaS Renewal Management module, like SaaSLicense, can give you a birds-eye view of all your SaaS applications that are up for renewal, along with all associated license usage data throughout the enterprise by department and user to optimize licensing and save money on renewals. 

How SaaSLicense Helps You Gain Control of Your Renewals Process

Through direct API integration connectors, or connecting via your single sign-on (SSO), SaaSLicense will give your Procurement team critical tools that will allow them to effectively track and manage software application renewals. By automating and creating workflows and alerts, Procurement and IT knows to renew only SaaS contracts and subscriptions that the company identifies as valuable.

Visibility into All
Upcoming Renewals

SaaSLicense renewal management platform provides a deep analytical view of all SaaS Applications up for renewals, based on contracts and SaaS license agreements.

SaaS Renewals

Inform your contract owners they have upcoming renewals through an internal review process, receiving internal approval on whether or not to approve contract 90 days out. You now can be provided information on current use.

Track SaaS Renewals
Visually via Timeline

SaaSLicense renewal reporting and business intelligence gives your team valuable insight into upcoming SaaS renewals and expiring contracts. Simplify and track the process from the initial purchase and recieve internal renewals alerts.

Automate your SaaS Subscription Renewal Process and Maximize SaaS Investments

Reduce SaaS Spend by procuring/renewing only the applications that give you maximum benefit.  Eliminate wasted budget dollars renewing SaaS applications that are under-utilized or not even used.

Manage SaaS Renewals by tracking contracts more efficiently such as license fees, license utilization for optimization, and important renewal dates and opt-out clauses.  Set up alerts and messaging and be pro-active on SaaS renewals.

SaaS Renewal Management - Visual Renewal Timeline View

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